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Well hello everyone! This is my first jurnal entry. I don't have a lot to talk about right at this moment so I guess that I might as well talk about some good news. I've graduated today. Had a big party to celebrate and now I'm ready for the summer. I might go to an art school to improve my art skills in the future. But hey only time can tell. 

Well I'll thats all I wanted to talk about for now. You all have a nice night.
Old Man Ben
Well since logan is out I figured why not make a parody of it but with Ben 10 instead. I like how this turned out with the aged and grizzled Ben and his aliens. Story wise for this would be similar to the old man logan comic, but with some changes.

well I hope you guys like it!
[PROTOTYPE]: crawler
Hello everyone this is multiomniversal124 back again with another oc of mine, however this time it's gonna be a bit different from the usual stuff I do. In case any of you are unaware I am a huge fan of the the video game series [PROTOTYPE], in case none of you do not know what [PROTOTYPE] is i would suggest you look it up for yourself, I'm not going to give away all the details but I will tell that it is a rated m game, so if any of you are under the ages of the games qualification I would advise you not watch it. 

Anyway as I stated before I'm a fan of this game so I felt like drawing something some time ago and the result was one of three ugly infected buggers. This one being one of them.

honestly when I first played i felt like their wasn't enough infected enemies in the games so I thought that perhaps I could make some new infected for the game.

so onto the info!

Name: crawler

Danger level: medium

infected: human

zones inhabited: red and yellow zone

powers and abilities: can crawl on any surface, stealthy, fast, able to fire out its own bladed fingers at enemies and regenerate fingers. It also has a venomous bite that can kill a regular person within minuets.

Weaknesses: not very physically strong and is easy to kill.

Aditional information: crawlers are the most sneakyest infected in the NYZ. They have wreaked utter havoc on blackwatch with their stealthy kill tactics. They are also known to attack in large numbers as they are very weak on their own, usually relying on numbers to overwhelm their foes.

but what makes them realy terrifying is their ability to find ways into getting into secure places. Gentek scientists do not know how they are capable of this but they always seem to learn ways into getting inside structures such as windows or even air vents. This makes it very difficult to keep them out as they always find ways to getting in.

another scary aspect of this creature is that they have tendencies to cut power from buildings. It is speculated by gentek scientists that they must learn how to cut power off from buildings after a long period of studying the structures.

i do not own [PROTOTYPE] all properties belong to their respectful owners, all I own are my OC's. do not use any of my OC's without my permission.
Marry Christmas everyone! Sorry I have not done anything in a long time I was busy with the holiday festivities but now I'm done with it. Now before the day ends I decided to upload a new alien, one more attuned to the holidays.

hero name: snowbrawl

Species: plontan

planet: polaria

Powers and abilities: is made up of thousands of living snowflake like ice microbe that give him limited shape shifting abilities, can blend in with snow, grow and form ice claws, ice teeth which he can bite and freeze people with and ice spikes he can protrude from his body.

weaknesses and disadvantages: warmer temperatures and other heat producing things can melt him. This also restricts him to cold and snowy areas.

aditional information: plotans evolved to be ambush predators, where they wait blending into the snow waiting for prey to wonder in.

dispite them being carnivorous in nature, plotans are actually quite peaceful and full of good cheer. They are a specialy good at setting celebrations and other holiday activities.
Fly girl redisign
Hello again and I'm back with a new pice of art! And This time it's a redesign of the infamous   AraghenXD's OC charecter the fly girl.

if your interested to see the original (or in this case the updated one) the link to it is right Here.

for her redisign I combined aspects from other redisigns as well as added some of my own. I wanted to give her a unique look and I think I did a good job.

i hope you guys like it and please leave a coment!


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